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The Women of Columbus

The Story of Every Man Begins With His Mother


Susanna Fontanarossa’ life is a tale of love, loss, and pain. It is the story of a woman who finds herself trapped by the time in which she lived. Too strong to disappear into her husband’s shadow, she seeks to define her own existence and find purpose in her life. What she finds is survival. And in surviving she gives purpose to her son.

You already know how the story of Christopher Columbus ends. Let me show you how it began. Let me introduce you to Susanna, Mother of Columbus.

Sometimes both sides get what they need.


Phillippa Perestrella, born to nobility, was a girl who liked bad boys. Her mother put her in a convent to protect her reputation. Christopher Columbus was a weaver from Genoa with a big idea that only a king could sanction. Their marriage released Phillippa from her bondage and gave Christopher access to the King.

Look for "Beatriz, Mistress of Columbus later this year.