43 Grits Spoon bread Jan. 2018

Grits Spoon bread

10 servings


2 cups              Cooked stone ground grits, white or yellow

1 cup   milk

1 cup  buttermilk

¼ cup  butter, unsalted, melted

3 each  A Large Eggs

2 tsp  Baking powder

½ tsp  Baking soda

½ cup  Asiago  cheese, shredded

2 Tbsp  chives, chopped

In a 4 quart bowl combine the grits, milk, and buttermilk.

Add the warm butter and the eggs.

Mix well.  Add the baking powder, soda, chives, and cheese.

Mix well and pour into a buttered soufflé or casserole dish.

Bake at 350˚ F for about 40 minutes or until the top is browned and a toothpick inserted comes out clean.